Making the best use of Polling and Interactivity in Live Digital Events.

Asking your online attendees a live poll question is a simple and effective way to connect with them on a personal level or bring your audience back in if you sense they may be zoning out.

To spark your creativity, we have put together this list of the best poll questions inspired by our users and our own events. From funny multiple choice polls to powerful word clouds – pick your favorite ones and make your virtual event more interesting and fun:

Ice Breaker polling questions

Start as you mean to go on. Using icebreakers will involve your audience right from the beginning, add some fun and help people to learn how to use the technology.

1 Where are you joining us from? (Wordcloud)

2 What would you like to know more about? (Open Free Text)

3 Mood Barometer - On a scale of 1-10 how are you feeling today? (Rating)

4 What do you expect to get out of todays event? (Open Text)

5 Hand on heart - are you fully dressed right now? (Multiple Choice)

6 In one word how would you describe the past week? (Wordcloud)

Learn about your viewer demographic

Understanding your audience allows you to gain insight and better tailor your content to them.

1 Which department/site are you from? (Multiple Choice)

2 Have you attended a virtual event before? (Yes/No)

3 How do you rate the quality of audience interaction when attending

online events? (Rating)

Powerful Polling

Making up for the lack of personal touch ask them thought provoking questions.

1 What have you learned about yourself during lockdown? (Open Text)

2 Whats the first thing you will do once lockdown is over? (Wordcloud)

3 Which industry figure is your personal hero? (Wordcloud)

4 Which technology trend will have the greatest impact on our industry in the next

year?(Multiple Choice)

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