Virtual Open Day for leading School

Rossall School is a leading Independent school based in the north of England. Prior to Covid-19 the school used to welcome potential new parents and students for visits in person.

The restrictions posed by Covid-19 meant that the school had to look at other options for the recruitment of potential new students. KRS Digital developed a custom microsite which included full pre event registration, a live stream, Q&A function, live polling as well as a file share download area.

The live stream was produced using remote links which allowed all participants and technical staff to maintain social distancing. Presenters were given talkback to communicate with the studio director, layout was handled in the KRS Digital MCR (Master Control Room).

Poor connectivity on site was overcome using bonded cellular technology.

Full post event analytics were provided showing an amazing geographic spread, engagement was measured effectively by viewer tracking and post event questionnaire.

The client provided the following testimonial -

" What KRS provided was invaluable, giving us a digital solution to present our school to limitless guests and the technical confidence that the whole event would be interrupted, professional and smooth. I would like to add that the data analytics and feedback post event was incredibly useful and insightful, and will definitely aid future open event planning. We would like to thank KRS for this service and it will definitely be a platform we wish to continue to use in the future."

Mr J Quartermain - Headmaster

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